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Rebel Racer Team Takes First at Bonas

First Place at Bonas Dream It Do It of WNY


On Saturday, November 23rd,  2013 at the Butler Memorial Gymnasium, Four CRCS students represented their school in the Dream It Do It Competition.  Five Saint Bonaventure Business Students and their advisors hosted the competition.  They did a wonderful job setting up and running the event that 22 teams from area school district participated in.  Registration began at 8:30, followed by building cars for two and a half hours, racing the cars for one hour then a break for lunch.  After lunch teams prepared and gave presentations on their cars and how they would market them if given the chance to manufacture them.  This all was brought to a climax with an awards ceremony around 3 PM.


Tom Kenyon encouraged the team of James Ward, Molly Emerson, Rachel Web and Monroe “Moe” Morris to enter the competition as the Rebel Racers.  The team arrived well prepared and with great attitudes.  Their collective intelligence during the buy materials and build stage was impressive.  After taking some test runs and making some modifications they were ready to race.   They based their design on low cost, high performance utilizing recyclable materials with an eye on the needs of the future.  The race portion of the competition was a test on whose rubber band powered car could carry the greatest load (up to ten bolts) the farthest distance.  They could earn a maximum of 200 points for this portion.  The Rebel Racer finished in first place with an eleven and a half foot run carrying ten bolts giving them the top score of 200 points. 


After lunch they came together in the new Swan Business Center to give their marketing plan for their design.  They focused on the fact their design was the low cost high performance racer with recyclability and safety in mind.  When asked what they would use for actual power in production of a vehicle the said “fuel cells so the emissions would not pollute our environment.”  Feeling good about how the day was going they returned to the Butler Gym for the awards ceremony with excited anticipation.  When third place was announced and given their award they were happy for them.  When second place was announced they were happy for them.  Then came the announcement of first place…  It was not the Rebels…  In Moe’s words “I am extremely disappointed.”  And that reflected the feelings of the team.  As a group they asked each other how that could be?  They knew the rules and the scoring and it did not add up.  They concluded they must have been heavily penalized for something they did not understand.


James Ward lead the team in the filing their protest and asking to have the scoring explained.  For the Rebel team the math did not seem to work.  They were last in line to get to the scorekeeper and asked their questions.  The Rebels were right.  The math they did in their heads was supported by the excel spreadsheet.  They had won the competition by 30 points.  Scoring ten percent higher than the next best team.  With this new information the Bona’s business students huddled up to have a discussion with their advisor.  The conversation was about how to remedy the situation.  They took a high road and congratulated the new winning team.  By this time now most participants had left.  Bonas promised to send the Rebel Racer team their first place prize in two weeks.


The Rebel Racer team showed me many talents that I am proud as they represent our CRCS district.  They worked well together as a team using their collective intelligence to solve problems.  They delivered excellent results under pressure.  And most importantly when the chips were down they once again pulled together as a team.   They were patient, persistent and with good attitudes asking the right people the right questions to get the record set straight.  I would like to share my compliments to the team of Molly, Rachel, Moe and James.  Well-done Rebels!


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Jay Morris