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Students Take Another Step with Learning at CRCS


Our students, staff and community are taking another step with technology for education.  We are in the midst of a financial crisis in our district causing many budget cuts.  Because of that we have to figure out how to help our students do more learning for less money.  To do that we are spending less by not buying the larger lap tops and desk top computers for students and buying smaller portable devices.  This will save the required money to meet our budget cuts and improve learning opportunities.  Based on the results of the pilot programs we have run the past two years it has the potential to double the rate they can learn.  The iPads we are purchasing will be treated like text books when it comes to policies about the proper care of them.  This is all in line with our mission to prepare the students for their careers and college while complying with state mandates.  We will be preparing our 6th grade students to do well on their New York State online social studies test in the spring of 2013.

Our three year plan is to save money on utilities, text books and paper related costs.  To do this we will start by issuing sixth and eighth grade student’s iPad2s shortly after they return to school September 5th and qualify for them.  The eleventh grade students are scheduled to receive iPad2s between Thanksgiving and Christmas.  The teachers in these grade levels are preparing their lessons to leverage these new tools for learning.  Then we will provide the most cost effective devices to 3 classes per year the next two years.  The plan is by the 2014 – 2015 school year students grade 6 – 12 will be using portable electronic take home devices.  The elementary students will be using similar stay in classroom devices. 

The iPads are planned to be used to both consume information and to create content to share.  For the safety of the students the iPad2s will be using the LightSpeed browser to get on the internet.  This allows the students to access the internet through the schools filter on any wifi connection.  That means they meet the requirements of the Children’s Internet Protection Act.  It can be found at 

As part of becoming Career and College ready the students will learn to take care of them, charge them nightly and bring them to school daily ready for learning.  The same way they are now expected to come to school with their text books.  Over the next decade the prediction is that textbooks will be going the same way as albums, 8 tracks, cassettes and CDs have gone.  Digital textbooks will be able to be kept current, interactive and engaging.  Students will be creating content and sharing information that matters with others who care in these student centered 24/7 learning environments.

Please contact me with any questions and or requirements you may have at

Jay Morris

Technology Coordinator

Phone 585-808-3603

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