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The Reb X Show is just the icing on the cake...

Casey, Photo by VicThe Reb X Show is just the icing on the cake...

The mission of the C-R Middle/High School has never been so realized. Students at CR are becoming college and career ready as they prepare to walk across the stage in June. The ability to communicate and create in the real world with timetables and pressures is something that only experience can bring. Casey Cappelletti and Cody Card achieved this with the help of many during spirit week for Winter Weekend 2012. Casey brought the idea of a winter spirit week to to the administration and then communicated with the faculty over how logistically this would work. After ironing out all the details on that end, she then motivated the student body to participate in the spirit days throughout the week and led the pep rally on Friday afternoon.   She helped set the stage for the culminating activity, the Senior Night/B-R vs C-R Varsity Basketball rivalry match up that was UStreamed Live by the Rebel Express Show.   Anyone in attendance can tell you that it was one of the most incredible displays of REBEL school spirit they have even seen. 

Meanwhile the students in the Video Creation and Editing class worked behind the scenes to create and deploy the most watched live broadcast in CR school history. The man in charge of steering the ship was senior, Cody Card. With a great group of students working the cameras and assisting Cody, he produced an awesome broadcast that has never been seen before at CRCS. Through social media both Bolivar-Richburg fans and Cuba-Rushford fans got the word out that the 3rd annual live broadcast of the Rebel Express Show would take place. Students from grades 8-12 ran cameras, interviewed fans and players, edited, and produced such a show that it is still being watched on the internet.

Experiences like Casey and Cody had during this production emulates what it is to be a Cuba-Rushford student. That when they leave our great school they have advantages that others have not even dreamed of yet.

Learning from the Master, Photo by VicMark, Photo by VicBridjett,  Photo by Vic