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Students Getting More Out of Their Education


Students Getting More Out of Their Education

Who would of thought that a device that was developed without education in mind would be having such an impact in the classroom. Here at C-R that device is the iPad and it’s helping our students be globally prepared. What is happening can be summed up by this quote by Mr. Ellison “I’ve never seen education change so rapidly with the introduction of this new technology. I’m just excited to be a part of it.” This device is allowing our students to explore resources, form thoughts, and deliver solutions at twice the rate they were just 12 months ago.

Along with the speed and ease of the iPad comes the access to digital content. Web sites like,, castle learning, and others. This is allowing students to have access to important educational content beyond the walls of the school and even beyond the school day.

Students in classes like Dave Volz’s 8th Grade Math are using a wide variety of apps and on-line resources to prepare themselves. They are not only prepared for the NYS assessments but far beyond that. Mr. Volz’s students are using apps like math board, rocket math and smart note.

Imagine this... When the bell rings the books don’t close. The learning doesn’t stop. Teachers are seeing engaged students that don’t want the learning to stop. Behavior problems have decreased. Students are saying things like… Kim Litchner “the iPad helps me work smarter. We do many things on it. It makes school way easier.”Elana Frost “The iPad has made my life at school easier. Thanks to the iPad, I am able to do my work more efficiently, and with better quality.”