Science 7

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    Science 7 Curriculum

     I.  Introduction Unit (4.955 weeks)

           A.  Branches of Science

           B.  Concept Maps

           C.  Scientific Method

           D.  Dichotomous Keys

           E.   Metrics

    II. Sound and Light Unit  (9 weeks)

           A.  Wave Properties

           B.  Sound

           C.  Electromagnetic Spectrum

    III. Chemical Building Blocks Unit (8 weeks)

           A.  Density

           B.  Atoms

           C.  Solids, Liquids and Gases

    IV.  Chemical Interactions Unit (8 weeks)

           A.  The Periodic Table

           B.  Elements, Compounds, and Mixtures

           C.  Chemical and Physical Changes

           D.  Acids and Bases

    V.  Ecology Unit (10 weeks)

           A.  Populations and Communities

           B.  Ecosystems and Biomes

           C.  Living, Land, Soil, Air, Water and Energy Resources

           D. Ecology Camp