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    2017 Cuba-Rushford's Agricultural Education Summer Program  
    Saturdays until Fair   Work with students leasing dairy animals from Ploetz's. 9-11 AM
         FFA Dairy Judging Practice 9-11 AM, Ploetz's Barn  
    6/21-6/23   Tractor Driving School at Allegany Co Fairgrounds  
        Leave Cuba at 7:30 AM and Rushford at 8:00 AM  
    6/30,7/7,7/28   Work in the Garden 10-12      
    7/6   Alfred State College Dairy Judging Tour    
        Leave Cuba at 8:30 AM and Rushford at 9:00 AM  
    TBA   PracticeTree Id and organizing the Fair Booth  
    7/14   Set up the fair booth        
        Leave school at 9:00 AM work in the garden afterwards
    7/16   Bring animals to the fair      
    7/17   Tree and Wildlife Identification - 9:30 AM    
        Livestock Judging - 2 PM      
    7/18   Tractor Driving - 9:30 AM      
        Dairy Judging 2:30 PM (District Dairy Judging)  
    7/19   Youth Dairy Cattle Show 9 AM      
    7/20   Open Dairy Cattle Show 9 AM      
        Horse Judging - 2:00 ? PM      
    7/21   Chicken BBQ - 4 PM. near Conservation Building  
    8/4,8/11,8/18/8/25   Work in the Garden 10-12      
    8/8   Empire Farm Days -serving food at the NY Pork Producer's Tent
    8/10   Tractor Driving and Welding Competition at Empire Farm Days
        otherwise Garden work 10-12      
    TBA   Preparation for NY State Fair      
    8/23-9/4   New York State Fair: providing students are interested
    8/28   Agronomy, Meats & Dairy Foods    
    8/29   Livestock Judging & Landscaping    
    8/31   Dairy Cattle and Showmanship      
    9/1   Wildlife, Tree and Environmental & Natural Resources