Board Goals

  • Cuba-Rushford Board of Education Vision Statement/Goals


    The Cuba-Rushford Board of Education, in collaboration with the Superintendent and guided by the Strategic Plan, provides leadership and sets high standards for itself and the district. The Board effectively communicates with, values input from, and provides informative feedback to all constituencies.   The Board ensures the delivery of a quality educational program through the responsible use of the district’s human and fiscal resources. The Board makes decisions based on fact and information.   We are sensitive to, and appreciative of, each other’s organizational roles, responsibilities, and contributions. We are innovative, challenging and caring. We take responsibility for what we say and do, especially as it affects other people. We treat people fairly. We are forgiving, and we support each other in learning the lessons available from our successes and from our failures. We focus on achieving our organizational aspirations through our best individual and collective efforts. In so doing, we honor the positive contributions we each make toward achieving our district’s vision of becoming a regional model of excellence.


    The Board takes advantage of professional development activities and is an active advocate for public education.


    We will continue to demonstrate support and appreciation to Cuba-Rushford staff.


    Goal 1 – Improve Governance Team Communications


    Our primary objective is the education of Cuba-Rushford district students. To achieve this, the Board views itself and the Superintendent as the Governance Team. We are an open, honest, focused and cohesive Board that deals frankly with issues and concerns as they arise. Information is communicated fully and on a timely basis to all those concerned. The goal of these guidelines is to ensure that decisions are made using shared information of the entire governance team.


    Board / Superintendent

    The Superintendent is the Chief Executive Officer and shall make recommendations, proposals or suggestions on most matters that come before the board. 

    The Board acts only as a corporate body. The Board will emphasize planning, policy-making and communication rather than become involved in the administration of the school district.


    There should be no surprises at a Board meeting. Board members agree to ask the Board President or the Superintendent to place an item on the agenda prior to the meeting.


    Realizing that email is “foil-able”, board members should not routinely copy the full board on emails to the Superintendent. The Superintendent will respond to all as he deems appropriate. Reserve any further questions on the topic for the next regularly scheduled meeting with the full board. BOE member phone conversations with the superintendent should be kept to a minimum. Most board business is more suitable to email than voice to assure inclusive information.                                          

    Board member / Board Member

    Debate the issues, not one another. While debate and differing points of view are to be encouraged, Board members will exercise care and show respect during the course of their deliberations. There is complete trust among us as board members. We understand, respect and support one another as valued contributors. Individuality and diversity are considered assets which contribute to the balance and richness of the Board.

    If a board member is unable to attend a scheduled meeting of the BOE, as much notice as possible should be given to the Board Clerk to assure that there will be a quorum at all meetings. The board President is responsible for sharing information from the missed meeting with the member.


    Board / Community

    Individual Board members do not have authority. Only the Board as a whole has authority. An individual Board member shall not take unilateral action. The Board President will communicate the position(s) of the Board on controversial issues. 

    Following the chain of command is critical: 


    Teacher > Building Principal > Superintendent > School Board.


    While the board is eager to listen to its constituents and staff, each inquiry shall be referred to the person who can properly and expeditiously address the issue. We provide prompt, professional, accurate and thorough responses and assistance. When Board input is requested, it is seriously considered, discussed, and then well-presented in a timely manner by the Board President.


    There will be occasions when the position of the Board of Education will need more coverage.  In those instances, the President, Vice-President or designee will reach out to local media to expand coverage of school district venues.


    1. Responsibility:  President - Casey Linderman
    2. Due: Ongoing


    Goal 2 - Professional Development


    Develop a plan and budget for Professional Development activities for Board Members

    1. Responsibility:  NYSSBA Delegates
    2. Due: Budget time & Ongoing


    Provide Orientation/mentoring for new Board member(s)


    1. Responsibility: Full Board
    2. Due: Ongoing


    Goal -- Improve Board oversight of District budget


    Audit committee to meet periodically with Superintendent, Business Manager and Auditors on specific budget issues and report to the full board for discussion.


    1. Responsibility: Aileen Sirianni, Audit Chairperson, Dave Crowley, and Mark Neu.
    2. Due:Ongoing


    Goal 4 -  Provide support for our Superintendent


    1. Responsibility:   Full Board of Education
    2. DueOngoing


    Goal 5 - Improve Board Preparedness for regularly scheduled BOE meetings


    Board Meeting Packets to be finalized for Board Member review by 6 PM on the Sunday prior to the meeting.

    1. Responsibility:  Superintendent
    2. DueOngoing


    Board members will have fully reviewed the package in its entirety and are ready to participate in the meeting.

    1. Responsibility:  Board members
    2. DueOngoing