Strategic Plan

  • The Cuba-Rushford Central School District is pleased to present our Strategic Plan adopted by the Board of Education in April 2012


    2011-2012 - A committee comprised of school board members, administrators, teachers, support staff, parents and community members met during the school year to develop the plan.


    2012-2013 - the Strategic Plan allowed the district to focus on 6 key areas, but specifically this year in implementing:

         1. A Comprehensive K-12 program aimed at preventing bullying, intimidation, and teasing addressing the Dignity for All Students Act (DASA).

         2. The adoption and implementation of the Common Core.

        3. Develop consistent district procedures for hiring.


    2013-2014 - the district this year is looking to move forward implementing the Common Core Curriculum and specifically:

        1. The use of Data to Drive Instruction (DDI).

        2. Continuing partnerships with local businesses, organizations, and senior groups to promote opportunities for our students and staff.  The Common Core speaks to 'real life experiences' to better connect curriculum to life experiences.  Our community partners aid and allow that process to occur.


    2014-2015 - The district is looking to focus on three Goals based on the Strategic Plan Objectives:

    1. Develop a three year Professional Development Plan that focuses on student needs.

    2. Goal 4: Objective 10 - Create Budgets that are educationally sound and fiscally responsible.  The district is looking to have a very conservative approach in the budgeting process and plan for unforeseen future expenses by developing a Financial Reserve Plan.

    3. Infuse STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Math) into our curriculum and physical environments.


    2015-2016 - The district will continue focusing on STEAM opportunities to be infused into the curriculum and created physical environments that help facilitate and challenge learning for each student.

    This year's three Professional Development Goals center around:

    Goal #1: Implementation of Common Core Curriculum
    Goal #2: Highly Effective teachers: Are you there yet? Utilizing Thoughtful Education to focus on better Instruction.
    Goal #3: Utilizing the most current and effective tools to *support the curriculum and instruction.


    2016-17 - Under Goal #3: Utilizing the most current and effective tools to *support the curriculum and instruction, we expanded to specifically pursue the following:

    a. Maintaining current technology tools for students to be able to redefine (SAMR Model) their learning experiences and be in charge of their own learning.

    b. Recreating and adding better learning environments that allow for collaboration, exploring and stimulate the mind to create.  The inclusion of STEM curriculum, robotics, hands on science, and real life experiences with the natural environment to better comprehend the lesson learned in core classes.


    Please take the time to read our plan. It will be updated periodically as we make progress on each goal. Also, our dashboard is published so you can see our progress towards our newly-revised academic goals. 


    Members of the Strategic Plan Committee reports our progress in Faculty Meetings, Parent Teacher Conferences and at any committee that is addressing one of the goals in the plan itself throughout the year.  The Plan is also visited four times a year in open session at the Board of Education Meetings.


    If you wish to join the Strategic team, please call me at 585-968-2650 ext. 4426.  


    Come, join us in the planning and implementation of our goals and priorities as we seek to provide a rich educational environment for Every Student, Every Day!


    Carlos Gildemeister

    Superintendent of Schools





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