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Payroll - Answers to Common Questions

  • Answers to Common Questions: 


     I’ve lost my paycheck, now what?  

    First please be 100% sure that you have lost, not temporarily misplaced, your check.  Contact the Payroll Office at 585-968-1760 ext. 3225 or ext. 3220.  We will need to issue a stop payment on the lost check.  This can take up to twenty-four hours.  We can then re-issue your check.  When we have the re-issued check we will notify you and you can pick it up at the Business Office or we can mail it to you.


    How do I start a direct deposit or change an existing direct deposit? 

    Please see the forms page for a direct deposit enrollment form.  If you have any questions on how to complete the form please call Denise Carapellatti at the phone number above or by e-mail.  Once the form is completed please send to the payroll office.  ** Please note that your new direct deposit has to go through a pre-note cycle with the bank.  If there are no errors your direct deposit will take effect with the second pay following receipt of your paperwork.


    How do I change my tax withholdings? 

    Please see the forms page to print necessary forms.  Once you have completed the forms submit them to the payroll office.  Changes normally will take place within one pay period following receipt of forms.


    How do I start or change a Tax Shelter Annuity, 403(b)? 

    New Tax Shelter – You first must contact a financial planner.   Please note that due to IRS regulations you must use a vendor that has a participation agreement with Cuba-Rushford Central School.  Following is a list of participating vendors.

    American Funds, AXA Advisors, Caderet, Grant & Co., Legend Employee Benefit Fund, Fidelity, MetLife and Vanguard

    Existing Tax Shelter – please visit the forms page for a Salary Reduction Agreement – SRA.  Once you have made your changes sign and date and submit to the payroll office.


    How to Change your Legal Name with Payroll?

    If you have legally changed your name either through marriage or divorce you must first visit the Social Security Office and obtain a new Social Security Card with your new name.  For security reasons we suggest that you visit the Payroll Office at the Cuba-Rushford Elementary building, with your new card.  We will need a copy for the files to satisfy audit requirements.  We will then be able to change your name in payroll.  If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact us.



    How do I change my retirement beneficiary? How do I apply for a loan against my retirement?

    You can obtain the necessary forms from either the Teacher’s Retirement System (teaching and other certified staff) or the Employee’s Retirement System (all support staff) at the following web-sites.

    Teacher’s Retirement System – www.nystrs.org

             Employee’s Retirement System – www.osc.state.ny.us/retire

    Please do not return the forms to the Business Office they must be mailed to the address on the top of the form. If you are unsure of which retirement system you are a member of please feel free to call the payroll office.


    How to change my phone and/or address with payroll? 

    Please go to WinCap Web (Employee Self Serve) https://wincapweb.com/empselfserve/default.aspx and make the changes.  If you need assistance contact the payroll office.


    Time Clock problems whom do I talk to?

    Forgot to clock in or out?

    1st contact your supervisor or Building Secretary

    2nd contact either Denise Carapellatti or Nicky Linderman


    For Technical Issues:

    Lost card, card not working – Alex Leyva, 585-968-1760 Ext: 3137  or eanderson@mycrcs.org

    What do the codes on my pay check mean?

              These are some of the most common deduction codes used by Cuba-Rushford’s Payroll.

    AFLAC – Aflac premium deductions

    AFLAC2 – Aflac premium deductions (taxable)

    DIRDEP – Direct Deposit (Direct Deposit will be followed by a 4 letter descriptor for your bank)

    ERS1, ERS2, ERS3, ERS4, ERS5, ERS6 – Employee Retirement System with Tier Number

    FEDTAX  -  employment taxes due to the Federal Government

    FICA – Social Security Taxes

    INSC – Employee Health Insurance Deductions for 12 month employees

    INSR – Employee Health Insurance Deduction for 10 month employees

    MEDI – Social Security Medicare Taxes

    NDUE – Support Staff Dues

    Flex M – Flexible Benefits Medical

    Flex C – Flex Child Care

    STATE – employment taxes due to New York State

    TDUE – Teacher’s Dues

    TRS1, TRS2, TRS3, TRS4, TRS5, TRS6 – Teachers Retirement System with Tier Number

    TSA – Tax Sheltered Annuity

                (TSA will be followed by a 3 or 4 letter descriptor of your provider)

    UNWA – United Way contribution


    This is a sample of some of the most common deduction codes.  Please contact the payroll office for information on any codes you might find on your pay stub that you have questions on.