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    October 23, 2020 

    Dear Parents, 

         This week in reading we worked on main idea.  The children were taught clues on how to figure out what the main idea of a text/passage is and how to find key or supporting details.  Also, we started reading Letters Home from Yosemite.  We will be using the skill of main idea to help us understand this story. 

         In math, we are adding and subtracting multi-digit numbers.  We learned to check our subtraction with addition.  We made tape diagrams in order to help us solve word problems. 

         Our class is still observing our crayfish and paperwhite bulbs.  We are learning about the different structures and functions of the crayfish. 

         On Wednesday’s Zoom, I am asking the kids to wear their Halloween costumes.  We are going to play a guessing game.  If your child cannot, that is fine.   

         Trenton’s birthday is this Sunday.  Happy Birthday Trenton! 

    Happy weekend! 

    Mrs. Caroline Weber