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    March 17, 2023 


    Dear Parents, 

    This week in reading we continued our work on charts/pictures/graphs that are included with the text. 

    Our grammar skill was quotation marks. 

    In math, we started our unit on geometry. We are learning about points, line segments, lines, angles, perpendicular lines, and parallel lines.  

    During writing, we are creating our own stories. We are going to be reading them to the kindergarten students. 

    We are continuing our work on sound waves. 

    Today we took our chapter 4 social studies test. Look for it to come home early next week. 

    We had a character education assembly on Wednesday. Our class winners for responsibility were Cole and Harlow. Congratulations! 

    Ms. Knavel visited our classroom this week to teach us how to use the tools on the iPads when taking the state math test. (We will be taking the state ELA test on the MacBooks.) 


    -Spring pictures will be taken on Monday.  

    -Wednesday is a half day. Dismissal will be at 11:15.  

    -On Friday we will be going to the MHS around 1:00 to watch a teaser of “Little Shop of Horrors” and returning around 2:00. 

    Happy St. Patrick’s Day! 

    Mrs. Caroline Weber 





    1. reaction 

    1. prerecorded 

    1. incorrectly 

    1. incredibly 

    1. disobedient 

    1. disagreeable 

    1. refreshment 

    1.  unbreakable 

    1.  declaration 

    1.  retirement 

    1.  misdialed 

    1.  undefined 

    1.  unhappily 

    1.  watchfully 

    1.  gleefully 

    1.  sportsmanship 

    1.  repayment 

    1.  questionable 

    1.  displacement 

    1.  midshipman 

          Challenge Words: 

    1.  multicultural 

    1.  universally 

    1.  understatement 

    1.  outlandish 

    1. inflammable