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  • News from Room 301 

    November 4, 2022 

    Dear Parents, 

    This week in reading we worked on the skill of inferencing. 

    In math, we worked on multi-digit times one digit multiplication using the partial products method, the area model, and the algorithm. Also, Ms. McCumiskey visited our classroom on Wednesday. She taught us tricks on how to memorize the last two sets of flashcards. Please practice these facts at home. 

    Our star of the week was Harlow. 

    During tech class with Ms. Knavel we are writing letters to veterans for Veteran’s Day. 

    Please be sure to send your child to school with a water bottle. We no longer have drinking fountains. I will send the water bottles home on Friday so that they can get washed. 

    I will be out next Thursday and a few days the week after that since I am having surgery. Mrs. Gregory will be filling in for me. The children know her and seem to really like her so things should run smoothly.  

    Parent-teacher conference slips were sent home today. Please return them early next week. 

    Reminder-daylight saving time ends this weekend!!! 

    Next Thursday marks the end of the first marking period. 

    There will be no spelling test next week. 

    No school next Friday due to it being Veteran’s Day. 

    Have a wonderful weekend! Mrs. Caroline Weber 



    News from Room 301 

    November 10, 2022 


    Dear Parents, 

    We continued to work on the skill of inferencing during reading. 

    During math, we started long division using the algorithm.  

    We started our new unit in science. It is called Centuries of Change. It is about tectonic plates and weathering. 

    We had a magic assembly show on Wednesday. 

    Today was the last day of the marking period. Report cards will be sent home next Friday. Please be sure to return your parent-teacher conference form if you haven't done so yet.  

    Reminder-no school tomorrow.  

    Have a wonderful weekend! 

    Mrs. Caroline Weber 












    1. Thanksgiving 

    1. among 

    1. think 

    1. blank 

    1. graph 

    1. young 

    1. wheel 

    1. nephew 

    1. belong 

    1.  whiskers 

    1.  whisper 

    1.  elephant 

    1.  white 

    1.  shrink 

    1.  wharf 

    1.  trunk 

    1.  strong 

    1.  blink 

    1.  chunk 

    1.  skunk 

    Challenge Words: 

    1.  strengthen 

    1.  bankrupt 

    1.  phantom 

    1.  whimsical 

    1.  whatever