-          Why have shared devices?

    Cuba Rushford’s goals are to move to a digital environment, reduce costs for printing, and change students’ college and career readiness for the better.

    -          Why an iPad?

    CRCS as a district has multiple devices. Each task has a device that is best suited for it. The iPad is very mobile and suitable for many of the students’ requirements. In cases where the iPad is not ideal, other devices, such as laptops and desktop computers, can be used.

    -          Can students install their own apps?

          They may not install software outside of what the school district provides.

    -          Does the student have access to reliable backed-up storage on their iPad?

    Through the use of DropBox and MyBigCampus, students have access to reliable storage online.       

    -          What about internet safety?

    The devices all have a “Mobile Lightspeed” web browser that utilizes the same filter that is used at school. Because it is a filter and not a complete block, it is up to parents to discuss with their children what is appropriate to view on the internet and what is not.

    -          How long do students keep their devices?

    Once assigned, the student keeps his/her iPad until the end of the school year. At that time, it will be turned in and prepared to be assigned again the next year.

    -          What if I don’t have internet at home?

    Internet access will not be a requirement for using these devices; however, public wifi is available in many convenient locations. Teachers will make accommodations for students without internet access at home.

    -          What if the iPad is damaged/lost/stolen?

    Please see the Shared Device Agreement for Parents. /files/filesystem/20120801%20shared%20device%20agreement%20for%20parents%20rev2.pdf

    -          Is there any kind of device insurance offered?

          Presently there is not.

    -          Is any training offered for parents?

    The school is not offering any training; however, your son or daughter will be an expert. Apple has a very helpful site at http://www.apple.com/education/ Students are very helpful to one another. Through searching sources like Youtube and Google, parents can find more information about the devices and how they are used. Please let us know if and what training you would be interested in.

    -          Who do I contact for more information?

    For technical questions, please contact Jay Morris, Technology Manager, at jmorris@crcs.wnyric.org or 585.808.3603. For any questions regarding instruction, please contact Chris Cappelletti at ccappelletti@crcs.wnyric.org.

    -          Can students use their own devices instead of those supplied by the school?

    No - due to stipulations set out in CIPA (Children’s Internet Protection Act), the district must maintain internet filters on all devices that are used district wide. This filter, as well as the software needed for each class, will be installed on the district devices.

    -          Can students set up outside email accounts on their devices?

    No - in order to protect students’ safety online, this will not be allowed.

    -          Are there any safeguards against theft?

    The most important safeguard is the student and his or her care of it. Names and serial numbers are on the devices and recorded. 

    -          Can students put passwords on their iPads?

    Yes, but it is the student’s responsibility to remember his/her password.

    -          How does the iPad fit into the curriculum at CRCS?

    The teachers modify and update their curriculums to benefit. Recently, the district hired a Curriculum Coordinator, Gina Palarmo.  She will be working with the staff to leverage the technological tools available to the students in order to maximize their ability to learn.

    -          How will the issue of students being distracted by the iPads be addressed?

    Based on the results of the pilot project, students were found to be more engaged in the classroom and with their homework. Once the initial excitement wears off, students as a whole are expected to be more effective learners.