Promethean ActivEngage App - this allows your iPads to become "eggs" or better yet "ActivExpressions." I use this for self-paced quizzes about 3 x's per week. We all have active inspire software. This app is free and works right with the Promethean board!

    Neu Notes - This is a app that allows students to draw over the top of a picture. I love to use this for helping students understand geography a little better. I can take any picture off the web and then insert in this app. Concepts like Triangular Trade and knowing the Continents was very cool.

    American History Games by Pearson - this is like wheel of fortune for history. The students have to solve the blanks, but then they have to learn these essential facts about the topic in order to play the "bonus game." They love the bonus game. It really drives home a few key concepts.

    AND OF COURSE Pandora Radio App - jamming...

    Tom Kenyon's Physics Class - wow check out these YouTube Videos!

    tags on these three videos are - Cuba rushford video physics vernier motion 2-dimensional

    Tom's 3 Best Apps:

    Vernier video physics

        In physics, creating their own movies has been incredibly motivating for the students.   Having the students create their own movies, explaining concepts to others is very motivating, and reinforcing.   Not to mention, experimentally, the students have learned as much on their own as if I had simply lectured them.  (But, it takes a lot of directing to get them to those conclusions; thus I'm often in the role of fascilitator rather than lecturer.)

    Colston Hillman's Apps

    Life cards...... Kids use it to make reports.  They can use the camera to take pictures of things and then write about them.  The end result can be in newspaper format or any other format you like.

    Splashtop....... This app allows me to control my main classroom computer and promethian from my iPad any where in the room.

    Gflash+pro...... With this app I make spread sheets with vocab words and definitions in google docs and then have them uploaded to the iPads in a multiple choice format.  The kids use it to review vocab and seem to like it.

    Jen Larson - Speech

    iTalk - I can record students speech and play back for them so they can hear their errors.

    Pocket slp is a great resource because you have articulation cards with all consonant sounds on the iPad so instead of having to sort through or carry around several decks of cards you can just go to the app, touch the sound and position you want, and slide through the cards on there. Teacher or student makes determination if the production was correct or not. Great for monitoring their own speech!

    Kristen Sampson - Rushford Elem.

    Flashcards-  I use this when students are done with a math assignment and we have a little extra time.  I quizzes them on their facts and they can choose how hard the facts are.  After they are done they take a picture of their score and email it to me.
    Socrative-  This isn't an app as much as it is a website.  I added it to the main screen of the ipads so the students use it as an app.  Their exit ticket is easy to prepare and the website emails you an excel sheet with the students results. 
    showme-  This app works like a whiteboard but students can record their work.   I like that I can give them a word problem and then as they talk to figure out the problem I can hear how they are problem solving.

    Dave Volz - 8th Grade Math


    Middle School Math


    Eric Talbot - Cuba Elementary

    MathBoard:  gives the students a variety of options to practice all of the basic operations with options of multiple choice, fill in the blank, etc.

    In a world:  students are using this app to make a movie trailer for the book we just read

    Qwiki:  a great app that has presentations on anything you could want