Responsible Use Procedure For Technology

  • Responsible Use Procedure For Technology


    The District will make available a variety of technological resources to support learning and enhance instruction. Our goal is to provide access to diverse, state of the art technology tools to facilitate resources sharing innovation and communication. The users (defined as any student, teacher, administrator, staff member, or community member utilizing a District computer) of these tools take on certain responsibilities, including the use of technology in an ethical manner.


    Ethical Guidelines for Responsible Use of Computer Networks in Schools


    We encourage the use of computers and technology available at Cuba-Rushford; however, with this privilege comes responsibility. Violations of the following guidelines will result in a loss of access as well as other disciplinary or legal action. Users will be expected to:

    Respect the privacy of others:

    -          Users will keep their passwords confidential

    -          Users will not try to learn passwords of other users or network administrators

    -          Users will not attempt to gain unauthorized access to networked or stand alone systems

    -          Users will not modify or read files of other individuals; however, it should be noted that system administrators have access to all files. Privacy shall not be assumed in this case.

    Respect the legal protection provided by copyright and license to programs and data:

    -          Users will not make copies of licensed programs, in violation of Copyright Laws.

    -          Users will not install their own software on district computers without authorization.

    -          User will not download or share copyrighted media files, this includes downloading software that facilitates the downloading or sharing of copyrighted media files.

    Respect the integrity of the District networks and other networks to which we are connected:

    -          Users will not intentionally develop or use programs to harass others, infiltrate a computing system , damage or alter software components on the Cuba-Rushford network

    -          Users will not intentionally send inappropriate, obscene or hateful messages/mail to others

    -          Users will not copy or modify server or network system files

    -          Users will not abuse computer or network hardware (i.e. mice, keyboards, etc.)

    -          Users will not use encryption programs on district computers without authorization.

    Respect the materials and resources of the District:

    -          Users will not play "games" on district computers

    -          Users will not use the District’s computer resources for non-academic activities.

    -          Users will properly utilize computer time and will not waste limited resources supplies that are provided by the District

    -          Users will work in ways that will not disturb others.

    Respect the materials and resources of Internet accounts:

    -          Users will not send or receive offensive material over the Internet

    -          Users will not use obscene, offensive, harassing, insulting, or otherwise abusive language over the Internet or on e-mail

    -          Users will not violate copyright laws, works may not be plagiarized.

    -          Users will not trespass in another’s folders, work or files

    -          Users will not use telecommunications for anything other than educational purposes

    -          Users will not employ the network for commercial purposes.


    Inappropriate Access to Material

    -          Resources shall not be used with material that is profane, obscene (pornographic), or advocates illegal acts, violence, or illegal discrimination.

    -          Instant messaging within Lotus Notes is allowed for district related business only.  Personal messages are not permitted.  The use of Internet games, web chats, unauthorized software, or other instant messaging software (e.g. AOL Instant Messenger, etc.) is prohibited except when specifically authorized by the District Superintendent (or designee)

    -          Inadvertent inappropriate access shall be reported immediately to school administration.


    Consequences of Violations

    Suspected violations of acceptable use will be communicated to appropriate school personnel. Persons found to be in violation of acceptable use may be denied technology access on appropriate District equipment. Any determination of non-acceptable usage serious enough to require disconnection shall be promptly communicated to appropriate supervisory staff for further action.

    Actions may include the following:

    -          Users could be banned from access to specific technological equipment or facilities for a period of time

    -          Users could be required to make full financial restitution

    -          Users could be banned from using telecommunication facilities

    -          Users could lose INTERNET account privileges

    -          Suspension, detention or even expulsion are possible outcomes of severe violations

    -          Users could face prosecution if criminal activity is involved.


    Use of the District computer equipment, Internet accounts, and networks and information contained on them is a privilege. While every reasonable effort will be made by District personnel to provide Internet filters to questionable materials, the student and the parent/guardian also must accept responsibility of ethical usage of District facilities.

    The District respects the right of each parent/guardian to be fully informed of all requirements of this policy and any procedures adopted to insure acceptable use of the ITS. Procedures will be established to define the process by which parents/guardians may submit a written request to deny or rescind student use of the ITS.