A Small Victory and a Large Impact

  • My 5th grade boys have been reading a selection from our anthologies about Mr. Sugihara, a Japanese diplomat who saved the lives of possibly thousands of Jewish people at the beginning of WWll.

     Today we watched a movie about his life after reading the story. Both the story and the movie generated many thoughtful questions from my students. One questions was "Why did the United States take so long to become involved in what was happening in Germany to the Jewish people?" I posed that question to all of them and asked them to do a search for the answer. Mrs. Linza and I were thrilled with how involved they were in finding the answers. Every student found some article on the topic and was excited to read what they found. They took turns sharing with the rest of the class.
    I just love it when students are able to take more control of finding answers to their own questions. This process is so quick and easily facilitated by the IPads.

     You have worked so hard with your team to bring this technology to our school, I just thought you might like to hear of a simple but significant way in which they are being useful in class.

    PS Mrs. Linza found the video, e-mailed it to me. I used a small cable to plug my ipad into the Promethean board to project the movie. (This was not the only way to do this, but was so easy). Today..... I love technology!

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    Sue Hillman