• Dear Community and Parents,

    As questions are asked regarding the budget hearing for the 2022-23 school year, the answers will be posted on this site for all the community.  Thank you for your questions.

    Q - Pertaining to the question on the library tax on the school bills.  

    A - Real Property at the County provides the school district with the school taxable assessed value for the properties in the Cuba-Rushford School District by town (there are 8 in Allegany County and 5 in Cattaraugus County).  The monies to be raised by taxes for the libraries (approx. $226,000 for the Cuba library and $79,700 for the Rushford library) are combined (approx. $305,700 on this year's budget).  The rates are developed by apportioning each town's school taxable value to the total revenue to be raised by taxes.  The belief that Rushford residents pay for Rushford's library and Cuba residents pay for the Cuba library is not true; 13 towns pay towards these two libraries based on the towns school taxable value of the Cuba-Rushford School District.

    Q - Are the Federal American Rescue Plan Fund reflected in tonight's presentation?

    A - No, tonight's presentation is on the general fund budget.  However, you will see in the revenues a $200,000 income from federal funds.  This is e-Rate reimbursement and Medicaid revenue.

    Q -