Transporting Young Minds to Problem-Solving Places

  • CRCS                                                                                                                                        Chris Cappelletti

    Technology Integration                                                                                                          7/23/2013



    Transporting Young Minds to Problem-Solving Places


    Our Mission: To boldly take students to a place where millions explore everyday.


    The Cuba-Rushford School District is about to enter a school year in which all students grades 4-12 will have an individual learning device. The device is an iPad from Apple. This mission began three years ago with an Erie1 iPad pilot program in the middle school. Since that time, CRCS has stuck to the mission to prepare students to be life-long learners who are independent, involved, and conscientious citizens in a global community. Our vision: To become a regional model of excellence.


    CR has not gone on this endeavor alone. With the help of CA BOCES, Erie 1 BOCES, and the CRCS Administration, the teachers and students are embracing the digital age. By tapping into the on-line world, students at CRCS will have access to the limitless information that has become so readily available to all. This digital age is not without pitfalls. The dedicated faculty and staff will help guide the students through this brave new world.


    What has CR done to help ease the transition to the digital age? It has enlisted the help of CA BOCES and E1 BOCES professionals to work inside and outside the classrooms helping students and teachers take advantage of a world of useful on-line resources. CR has also made Chris Cappelletti a part time Technology Integrator. Mr. Cappelletti will still teach 7th Grade Social Studies every morning, but in the afternoon he will now help teachers and students to integrate this new technology into the classrooms.


    So as CRCS continues with a vision of becoming a regional model of excellence, we call upon the leadership of Staff, Students and Parents to lead the way for college and career readiness.