• March 14th, 2023

    Dear Community Members, Parents and Staff.

    The Board of Education will adopt a Final Budget for the 2023-2024 school year on March 28th, 2023   The Board of Education commenced the budget development process back in December 2022 and had multiple budget presentations from all principals and managers as well.  We appreciate all the community members who attended our budget presentations during these last months.  We appreciate your dedication.

    We will continue to provide a world class education for our students and keep them competitive in the global market.  Students’ innovation and a love for learning starts at a young age with parents and teachers. Our focus is to hire great teachers and staff, have great curriculum, instruction, and STEaM environments. Our community has also supported keeping our facilities up to date through Capital Projects.  These have provided more opportunities for our students and community.

    The 2023-24 School Budget being proposed has a 0% tax increase which is below the Tax Levy Limit.  The Board of Education is scheduled to adopt the Tax Levy Limit on March 28th, 2023.

    We thank you for your continued support.  If you have any questions, please feel free to call my offices at 585-968-2650 Ext. 4425.

    Carlos Gildemeister

    Superintendent of Schools


    March 2nd, 2023

    Cuba-Rushford has been fortunate to maintain the integrity of our academic, extra-curricular and athletic programs. As we go through the budget process, we carefully look at our budget areas to ensure we have a conservative and stable budget that maintains and, in some places, enhance programs.  The district faces some expenditures increases due to the overall high-level inflation, the annual cost increases in minimum wage and health insurance.  As we plan and address these obstacles, I encourage you to attend our Board Meetings as we develop our first budget draft.  To date, we have reviewed the academic, maintenance, transportation, technology, athletics, and cafeteria budgets.

    2023 Capital Project Update:

    In the February 7th, 2023 Board meeting, I shared with the Board of Education that NYS Department of Education had approved the Building Aid Units (BAUs) necessary for Cuba-Rushford Central School to proceed with the Capital Improvement Project (CIP) process. Although their approval comes delayed about 18 months, the CIP is based on the 21-year Master Plan developed by survey and focus groups from educators, collective information gathering from all staff and administrators, and community members' input.  The plan lays out long-range priorities for instructional programs, capital maintenance and improvements.  We have pride in our school facilities and know that our school district serves as a community hub.  With the approval from SED, the district is proceeding with a schedule that will allow for a May referendum vote.

    It is important for our community to proceed with program and capital improvement that benefit our students, parents and community members.  For this reason, the Cuba-Rushford district is looking to proceed with the 2023 Capital Project and is seeking input from our constituents. The district will be holding a community Q & A session on March 16th at 7pm in the auditorium at the MSHS.  Once the district receives feedback on the capital project proposal, the district will put forth a project to the community based on the portions of the project the community can support. 

    2023 Capital Project

    Q & A session on March 16th at 7pm in the auditorium at the MSHS.

    The anticipated schedule of the project is listed below:

      1. May                         Referendum
      2. June                      Design Start
      3. May 2024                SED Submission
      4. Nov. 2024               Bid
      5. Feb. 2025               Construction Start
      6. Nov 2026                Construction Completion

    The March CRCS newsletter will have a two-page summary of portions of the 2023 capital project with some conceptual images,


    February 2nd, 2023

    I am proud that the Cuba-Rushford Board of Education has been responsible when considering a tax levy increases.   We hope to have the budget process concluded by March 28th when the full Board of Education will be voting on BOCES Administrative Budget & BOCES Board Members. Please feel free to attend any of the upcoming board meetings to get insight into our anticipated 2023-2024 spending plan and revenue.


    January 2nd, 2023

    In the December Board of Education meeting, the Board adopted the Budget Development Calendar for the 2022-2023 school year.  The projected maintenance, transportation and cafeteria, co-curricular and Instructional budget proposals will be presented to the Board of Education at the January 18th Board of Education Meeting. Please consider attending the open meetings and presentations over the next couple of months.  The Board of Education always meets on either one or two Tuesdays of every month at 7pm in different locations and townships…. please see the schedule on the website for the specific schedule.

    I hope all of you had a most enjoyable holiday and break.

    21-year Master Plan and the 2023 Capital Project Update:

    • 21-Year Master Plan – During the 2017-18 school year, Cuba-Rushford will be engaging all of its stakeholders to help us update our Strategic Plan into a 21-year Master Plan.   Our goal is to bring all plans under the guidance of one long-range plan.  Many districts mistake the Building Condition Survey, Five Year Plan or Space Utilization Study as a comprehensive plan for the future success of their educational environment. It is the educational plan, vision or Strategic Plan that should inform facility design not the other way around.

    Our 21-Year Master Plan will be guided by our Mission and Vision Statement, and our stakeholder’s answers to the following questions:

    1. How do we provide an environment that allows educators the best opportunity to provide their students with an education for jobs that don’t exist yet?

    2. What is our vision for how we want to educate in 10, 20, 30 years?

    3. What are the historical and current academic and athletic strengths of the District? Let’s strengthen our strengths.

    4. Who are our two or three most progressive educators in each building? I want to hear from them.

    5. What is the District’s relationship with local businesses and business leaders? These mentoring opportunities need to be embraced.

    The 21-Year Master Plan will be executed with a goal for strong Workforce Development.  Please join us when you see the invitation.

    Carlos Gildemeister

    Superintendent of Schools