•  Hello, I am Mr. Beck!

    Teaching is an absolute passion of mine! I am excited to work with your child. It’s going to be a year full of fun, learning, and adventures, and I cannot wait to see what the year has in store for us! I thought you might like to know a little bit about me.

    I am married to my wonderful wife Alanna Beck. We are both teachers at CRCS. We are very excited to make Cuba our life long home. My wife is a reading teacher in the Middle school and High School. We are approaching our 1-year anniversary this September, but have been together for 12 years. We are very passionate about helping kids, not only in academics, but also helping them become comfortable with who they are.

    We are new to Cuba but we grew up in a similar tight knit community in Holland, NY. I graduated from Holland Central High School in 2007 and went to school at Buffalo State College. There, I received a degree in Elementary Education and am currently going for my Masters in Special Education, to ensure that I can reach all students. I am a middle child; my older brother works for Perry’s Ice Cream and my younger brother is a salesman.

                This will be my first year teaching at Cuba and my second year working in fifth grade. I am very excited to be teaching this group of fifth graders and already have a great report with these students as we have worked together many times last year, when I worked as a substitute in the district. It is my mission this year to instill kindness, pride, and work ethic into every student. I bring a high energy approach to teaching that will motivate your son/daughter to want to do their best not only this year but for years to come.


    What Students from my class will leave with a better understanding of:



    Work Ethic


    Digital Citizenship


    Morning Work- Every day when students enter the classroom they will have a checklist of things to do, to get ready for learning. The goal during this part of the day is for my students to think ahead and make sure they have prepared themselves to have a great day. Additionally, we will refresh a skill that they will be using during the day, such as math or grammar.


    Spelling- There will be weekly spelling tests, students will learn their words on Mondays and will be tested on Fridays. Students will always have the words for five days and be tested on the fifth day. There will be 4 spelling homework assignments a week. Students can hand them in at any time during the week but all 4 must be handed in before the test.

    *Some students will not receive their spelling lists from me and will not have different assignments. *


    Math- We will be using the NYS Common Core Modules. Students will take their notes home to help them with their homework. Homework will go home daily.

    Social Studies- We will be using the Scott Foresman Social Studies Textbook. We will be starting with Migration to America and Early American Cultures.

    Science- We will be using Accent on Science textbook, watching videos that go with topics and using Science Kits and Engineering Kits from CA BOCES.

    Behavior systems:

    Behavior Program

    Individual- Beck’s Bucks

    In my class, students will be collecting a classroom currency known as Beck’s Bucks. Students will be able to use this currency to exchange for small candy, free Homework passes, eating lunch in the classroom, eating lunch with a preferred teacher, playing a game as a class etc. Additionally, there will be a store once a quarter where students can use their earned Beck’s Bucks to buy toys, cards, candy, and much more.

    Groups- Squadron points

    Students will be earning points. The groups will be earning points for their team throughout the day by doing their work and being prepared after a transition. Students can earn individual points for their group by being a role model, being kind, or being responsible. The group that has the most points during the day will lead the class to specials and will be first in line for lunch.

    Homework- Homework is very important to what we are trying to achieve in this classroom. My request is that my students give their best effort. Sometimes homework will be difficult and that is ok. If you could write a quick note on the assignment saying that your son or daughter made an effort to finish the homework and write an explanation to what they are stuck on, then initial the note, it would be greatly appreciated.

     Missing Homework- Sometimes it happens and I am very understanding when it comes to this. However, it is my goal to make students become more responsible when it comes to turning in their work. Students will lose 10 points a day off of the assignment until the assignment is handed in. Students will stay in for recess to try to complete the work until the assignment is completed. If not doing homework becomes a problem, I will call you and make sure you know of my concerns and we can discuss an appropriate approach to fix this problem. If there is something that comes up unexpectedly and your child cannot do his or her homework (like a family emergency) please just send in a note, send an email, or give me a call, whatever is best for you. 

    Contact me at any time: My preference is through phone call.

    Email: Rbeck@mycrcs.org

    ***Follow us on twitter @MrBeckTeaches and see what is going on in the classroom.***

    *If you would like, I will email you the homework or upcoming projects *

    Welcome, To the Rebellion!

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  • Mr. Beck's 5th Grade Supply List

    The following is a list of school supplies needed for the school year. Some items will be collected and used by everyone while other supplies will be kept in the student's desk.

    2 -packs of 24 pencils

    1 -pair of student scissors

    1 -pack 24 of colored pencils

    1 -4 pack of glue sticks

    1 -backpack

    1 -soft pencil case

    1 -12-inch ruler with both centimeters and inches

    1 -4 pack of dry erase markers

    1 -4 pack of highlighters (green, yellow, pink and blue)

    1 -pack of loose leaf paper wide rule

    1 -composition notebook

    5 - folders with clips (1 of each color: blue, green, red, yellow and purple)

    1 -pair of headphones (earbuds are fine)

    1 -box of tissues

    1 -colored pen



    Clorox Wipes

    Hand Sanitizer

    Ziploc bags (quart or gallon)

    We are also accepting donations of any extra school supplies.


    *Please no binders or trapper keepers, there is no room in desks.






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  • Wonder

    by R.J. Palacio Year Published: 2012

    RJ Palacio's book Wonder is a middle-grades novel about August ("Auggie"), a young boy born with severe facial abnormalities who, at the age of 10, leaves the safety of his parents' homeschooling and begins attending a New York private school.
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