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Making a Difference One Young Fisherman, Hunter or Outdoorsperson at a Time!

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  • If you were ever wondering who we are and what we do, here is a brief report. CRCS stands for Cuba-Rushford Central School and the outdoor program is an extension of our Fisheries and Wildlife Technology classes. Our motto is making a difference “one young hunter (fisherman or student) at a time. “

    In 2011-12, the schools environmental programs were featured in national magazines and television. CRCS Outdoors was featured every Saturday morning on the Pursuit Channel with 26 original shows produced right at CRCS and highlighted graduating film editor Cody Card. However, the programming would not have made it on air without support from our outstanding sponsors KA-BAR Knives, Western & Central New York Chapter of SCI, and the TRI State Chapter of SCI!

    As we all know the future of our hunting and fishing heritage rests in the hands of our nation’s youth. If we do not do our part and get them out there early, research says all may be lost. New York State has been slowly doing their part by lowering the hunting age and providing youth seasons. CRCS Outdoors has been making a conscious effort to do our part by providing area youth with opportunities that they may not get elsewhere.

    CRCS Outdoors hopes to expand nationally and bring the study of fisheries and wildlife/ hunting and fishing into the mainstream of the nation’s educational platform, and to promote student centered scientific research, studying natural resource conservation, aquatics, wildlife, forestry, land stewardship, biology/ management and conservation, Math/ Science and Technology, GIS, satellite images, remote sensing, radio telemetry, data collection and analysis. Through these opportunities students are also exposed to numerous career development opportunities as well as gaining ownership in what they do through choice in what they learn and gaining responsibility.

    CRCS Outdoors has traveled to South Africa to hunt, as well as anual trips to Alaska, New Zealand, Texas, and locally around NYS and PA. Students enrolled at Cuba-Rushford have the first option to participate on trips and opportunities, after that, these projects and trips are open to any student, anywhere!



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