Goal 5- Community Relations

  • Critical Success Factors for Goal 5: 

    1. Effective communication with parents and community 
    2. Community liaison between school and community organizations 


    12. Strive to ensure that all students enter school ready for success. 

    13. Improve and enhance communications, involvement and partnerships within the community. 


    12a. Support the growth and implementation of early education programs (Success by Six, Head Start, Universal Pre-K). 

    12b. Maintain positive relationship with town libraries as they relate to education. 

    13a. Use multiple forms of communication to share what CRCS students are learning and doing (for example; district newsletter, website, Alumni Face book, Cuba Patriot, automated communication systems, etc.) 

    13b. All articles written for publication will be reviewed by a designated district employee for editing and to ensure readability by the public including explanations of all acronyms. 

    13c. Provide opportunities for the community to utilize district assets. 

    13d. Seek out increased opportunities for students to engage in community service. 

    13e. Create partnerships with local businesses, organizations, and senior groups to promote opportunities for students and staff to work with members of the community in connection with course curriculums, fundraisers, job shadowing, internships, etc. 

    13f. Communicate with parents and guardians on a regular basis to identify specific expectations for student readiness at each grade level and provide suggestions and ideas for home support.