Goal 4 - Administration and Operations

  • Critical Success Factors for Goal 4: 

    1. All Board of Education members, administration, faculty, and staff will be knowledgeable in all aspects of the strategic plan 


    9. Implement the district strategic plan and evaluate results on a quarterly basis. 

    10. Create budgets that are educationally sound and fiscally responsible. 

    11. Ensure that district facilities are well-maintained and in compliance with State Education and local safety requirements. 


    9a. Board of Education adoption of 2011 revisions to strategic plan. 

    9b. Create action plans that focus on high priority areas and monitor the progress of action plans at least 4 times during the school year. 

    10a. Incorporate strategic plan priority areas in building next year’s budget. 

    11a. Adhere to the 3-5 year facilities maintenance and improvement plan as outlined in the budget process, and in agreement with the capital improvement project.