Goal 3 - Human Resources

  • Critical Success Factors for Goal 3: 

    1. District leadership to review the entire hiring process 
    2. Consistent evaluation process and sets of standards 
    3. Need clear expectations and explanations of how all staff are evaluated 


    6. Create a high quality, trusting, respectful and committed workforce. 

    7. Evaluate all staff on a regular basis and provide feedback that is honest, timely, direct and meaningful with respect to improving performance. 

    8. Provide all staff opportunities for professional development that are aligned to the strategic plan and focused on priority areas. 


    6a. Develop consistent district procedures for hiring. 

    6b. Maintain and support new teacher orientation and mentor programs. 

    6c. Survey district employees (annually) to identify strengths, concerns and areas in need of improvement. 

    7a. Select quality instruments for evaluating administration, teaching staff and non teaching staff. 

    7b. Redesign Annual Professional Performance Review to meet NYS Education Department requirements. 

    8a. Develop collaborative decision making processes that include staff. 

    8b. Mobilize the staff towards common goals. 

    8c. When seeking professional development opportunities, look internally as well as externally and align professional development attendance to the strategic plan and focus on priority areas.