Proposed Improvements Form

  • Dear Staff, Parents and Community Members,

    It is our desire to keep our school's infrastructure and environments up-to-date, clean and safe to ensure our students and their families are proud of the school district they attend.  I have included a form that can be submitted to my offices to help stay on top of any repairs, needs or suggestion you might think of or witnessed.  You do not need to fill in the entire form, but #1 - 3 are needed to get a full picture of your proposed improvements or repairs.

    The information sent to me will be categorized in this order: Safety issues and then cost/planning. Your suggestions or feedback will result in:
    1. An immediate repair - If it is a safety issue OR
    2. It will become part of our discussions with the Facility Planning Committee which reviews all our facilities on a yearly basis.  Any suggestions could become part of a small project which we can do in-house or part of a capital project that needs approval from the voters and the state education department.

    We appreciate your ideas, input and suggestions big and small!  Thank you very much!

    Carlos Gildemeister
    Superintendent of Schools.

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