Goal 2 - Curriculum, Instruction and Data

  • Critical Success Factors for Goal 2: 

    1. Staff buy-in, open communication 
    2. Multi-layered professional development and opportunities for collaboration 
    3. Utilize research-based curricular materials 
    4. Common planning time for all grade levels 


    3. Ensure that all curricula are vertically (pre K- 12) and horizontally (across grade level) aligned to the New York State Common Core Learning Standards and provide instruction aimed at College and Career Readiness. 

    4. Teachers will use a variety of research-based strategies and tools to enhance student learning. 

    5. Administrators and teachers will use data analysis effectively to drive instruction, curriculum and professional development. 


    3a. Review all professional development opportunities for strategic alignment. 

    3b. Seek common planning time opportunities for staff to address initiatives. 

    3c. Implement the Common Core Learning Standards for English Language Arts and Math as well as literacy in all subject areas through curriculum alignment and implementation. http://www.p12.nysed.gov/ciai/common_core_standards/ (September 2012) 

    3d. Integrate Project Based Learning into appropriate course curriculums. 

    3e. Enhance relationships with institutions of higher education. 

    4a. Foster learning communities for all faculty and staff. 

    4b. Promote the Thoughtful Education program - every teacher equipped with strategies and tools for all students to be engaged and successful. 

    4c. Advance technology integration across the district by adhering to the district Technology Plan. 

    4d. Promote student engagement to increase achievement. 

    5a. Implement the district Response to Intervention (RTI) plan. 

    5b. Create district inquiry team – build data literacy (September 2012). 

    5c. Use a variety of data to identify targeted areas to increase student achievement and monitor teacher performance.