Chapter: Prerequisite

  • Pre-requisite Chapter:

    Test will include:

    Problem(s) related to the standard equation for a circle.   Need to know: how to find distance between two points, midpoint (to find the center), center of the circle, radius of the circle, etc. (see hw problems)

    Point-slope form of the equation of a line: (from the equation, give the point & slope, or vice versa.)

    Equations with roots (multiple square roots in one equation; see class example & homework problems)

    Equations with fractions (may involve a linear equation or quadratic equation.  Remember to check solutions to make sure it doesn't lead to division by zero.)

    Equations with absolute values: Need to know how to solve; see hw problems

    Quadratic inequalities & other inequalities: need to know both methods - graphically (with just a VERY quick hand sketch), & interval checking.