Goal 1 - Safe, Caring, and Globally-Connected Learning Environment

  • Critical Success Factors for Goal 1:

    1. All students, faculty, staff, and administration contribute to safe school environment
    2. Faculty and staff involvement and implementation
    3. Enough staff to support ‘safety’


    1. Promote conscientious citizens in a global community.
    2. Create school settings that are physically and emotionally safe for all.


    1. 1a.  Training and district implementation of Capturing Kids Hearts program.
      1b.  Promote character education through assemblies.
      1c.  Project KNOW
      1d.  Global awareness utilizing technology integration.
      1e.  Foster global empathy and expose students to other cultures.
      1f.  Promote positive relationships among all students and staff.
      2a.  Communicate student behavior expectations to staff, students, and parents and ask all district employees to administer and adhere to the Student Code of Conduct.
      2b.  Strengthen student mentoring programs in all buildings.
      2c.  Develop comprehensive K-12 programs aimed at preventing bullying, intimidation, and teasing.
      (July 2012)
      2d.  Educate and/or remind all staff on professional behavior expectations and share protocols to use when dealing with physical or verbal incidents.