Helpful topic hints

  • Remember, this is a visual trip, you have to imagine going to a fair, what sounds, tastes, smells, sites would experience there.

    If you see something that interests you; feel free to ask to see if you can cover that topic.

    Topics to research for the Pan Am Exposition

    Assassination of McKinley

    The Temple of Music

    Logos and advertizing of the Pan Am exposition

    Souvenirs of the Pan Am

    Food –What was good to eat?

    Cost of the show/ Budget for a week at the Expo.

    Women of the Exposition

    What did Children do?

    Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show

    Native American building

    Fillipino building

    African building

    Japanese gardens

    Mexican building

    Technology showcased at the fair

    The Electric Tower – bringing Electricity to the fair

    Midway rides