FDR New Deal Project Guidelines

  • New Deal Project: Radio Commercial and Advertizing Poster


    Assignment: your group will select one of the New Deal Programs from the 100 Days or the Second New Deal to Research.


    Once you complete the research you will


    1)      Create a Visual Poster advertising the New Deal Program

    2)      Create a Script  for a  1minute 30 seconds to 3 minutes in length radio commercial advertising an aspect of the New Deal

    3)      Record your radio commercial


    Your research must answer the following questions

    -         What is the basis of the New Deal Project you are researching?

    -         What was it intended to do?

    -         What region (s) of the US does it help?

    -         What type of project is it?

    -         How is it helping the US?

    -         Why is it needed?


    -         You must include 3 images of New Deal Project


    Your commercial must

    • Describe the program that you are supporting
    • Explain to the audience whom it is helping and where
    • Answer the question, why is it needed?
    • Try and convince the listener that it is a wise idea
    • Include a graphic of your program (poster advertisement)


    Students will be graded on

    1) Research notes on the Program & Accuracy of facts (Homework grade due _______)

    2) Graphic of your New Deal Program (Poster advertisement) (Quiz grade due _______)

    3) Written script of commercial (Test grade due _______)

    4) Recording of the commercial (Test grade happening in class _______)



    Slang vocabulary of the 1930's can help you "dress up" your commercial. http://www.paper-dragon.com/1939/slang.html