1920's Scavenger Hunt

  • 1920’s Virtual Scavenger Hunt:

    Directions: Using this list find the following. Paste your findings onto a word document with the year and the source of your information clearly labeled. Refer to this check off sheet to put dates of the items that you find.


    The Goal of this assignment is to get a better idea of what the 1920’s was like. Be as creative as you can in finding your items.


    Date/ Year of item


    ____________1920’s Advertisement showing consumerism/ new products


    ___________Picture of a flapper


    ___________Interesting Cover of the Saturday Evening Post from the 1920’s


    ___________Interesting Cover of Time magazine


    ___________Picture of Any artist’s visual work from the Harlem Renaissance (make sure you tell me who and when it was produced)


    __________Picture of  of an artist from the Harlem Renaissance


    __________1920’s Street image either urban or rural


    __________Picture of a speakeasy with date and location


    __________Picture of a gangster from 1920’s


    __________Image of a Suffragette protest


    __________Picture of Ford’s assembly line


    __________Picture of a crazy fad/entertainment of the 1920’s


    __________Name one famous Vaudeville Star and date of picture


    ___________Movie Star of the 1920


    ___________One popular song of the 1920 give date


    ___________One of Amelia Earhart’s successful flights


    ___________ One article on the Charles Lindbergh Kidnapping


    ___________ One song title of Miles Davis


    ___________Name two of Langston Hughes’ most famous poems


    ___________Name two of F.Scott Fitzgerald’s famous works


    ___________What was Charlie Chaplin’s first movie?


    ___________What was Walt Disney’s first Cartoon?


    __________One news article and the official name of the Monkey Trial


    ___________Who designed Mount Rushmore? When did work begin?


    ___________Who was known as the Empress of the Blues? Name one of her Songs and the year it came out


    ___________The Year King Tut’s Tomb was discovered? Why was it so special?


    ___________Who wrote “Jump at de Sun” and what year did it debut?


    ___________ A Shirley Temple Picture 


    ___________ Who was the Sultan of Swat? Find a picture of him from 1920’s


    ___________ Find a popular car from the 1920’s


    ___________ Find a picture of a woman of the 1920’s