A Growing Nation

  • Reconstructing Diversity in America


    Essential Questions:

    1)      Was life better or worse for immigrants living in America rather than in their homeland?

    2)      What did the suffrage and temperance movements attempt to change in American Society?

    3)      How did political injustice effect society in the late 1800’s.

    4) How did discrimination effect American society (racial, gender, ethnicity etc)?


    Key Terms



    Boss William Marcy Tweed (p. 95 & Ch 19)


    Thomas Nast (p. 99)

    Political Machine ( p. 95)

    Political Boss (p. 95)

    Mark Twain Ch. 21

    New Immigrant (p. 114)

    Ellis Island (p. 115)

    Old Immigrant (Notes)

    Jacob Riis p. 116

    PT Barnham (Ch 20)

    Chinese Exclusion Act (Ch 24-25)

     Yick Wo v. Hopkins (p. 126)



    Women’s Suffrage p. 131

    National Women’s Suffrage Association ( p.133)

    Susan B. Anthony (p. 133)

    Carrie Nation (p. 135)

    Temperance (p. 135)


    Thomas Edison (p. 155)


    Ida B. Wells (Ch. 33)

    Lynch (Ch. 34)

    Booker T. Washington ( Ch. 35) 

    WEB DuBois (Ch. 36)

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