• Essential Questions:

    How did the North treat the South after the war?

    What problems did freedmen face?

    Why was Johnson Impeached?



    Key Definitions



    Black Codes (p. 19)

    Thirteenth Amendment

     Fourteenth Amendment

    Fifteenth Amendment

     Superior (dictionary)

     Inferior (dictionary)

     Amnesty (dictionary)

     Civil Rights Act of 1866 (p.22-23)

    Radical Republicans

    Freedmen's Bureau (p. 25)

    Andrew Johnson

    Impeachment (p. 31)

    Tenure of Office Act (p. 26-32)

    Carpetbaggers (p. 24)

    Scalawags (p. 24)

    Sharecropping (p. 44)

    Poll Tax (p. 45)

    Grandfather Clause (dictionary)

    Literacy Test (dictionary)

    Segregation (p. 46)