Civil War

  • Civil War Unit :


    Key Questions

    What were the three main reasons for the Civil War?


    What advantages did the North have over the South?


    What were the differences in the social, economic, and political views between the North and South?


    What would inspire you to fight your brother?


    How were solders attitudes different depending on where they live? 


    Key Vocabulary




    Slave Codes

    Popular sovereignty

    peculiar institution

    Compromise of 1850

    Civil war

    States’ rights


    Confederate States of America

    Abraham Lincoln

    Jefferson Davis

    Fort Sumter

    Dred Scott Case

    “A house against itself cannot stand”

    John Brown

    Robert E. Lee

    Emancipation Proclamation


    Appomattox Court House

    U.S. Grant




    Causes of the Civil War

    1. Economic and Social Differences between the North and the South

    2. States Rights versus Federal Rights

    3. Political Debate between Free States versus Slave States

    4. The Growth of Abolitionism

    5. The Election of Abraham Lincoln


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