First Day Back

  • Very First Assignment:

    Using select one piece of artwork from an American Artist that illustrates how you felt about your summer vacation. In a short answer response, explain why you chose the artwork to represent what type of summer you had.

    You can describe and compare one single event or the entire summer to your artwork.

    Use details from the artwork and compare them to your summer. Include the Artist's name, Title of the Artwork, the Date, and a copy of the image in your writing piece.

    Here's Mrs. K's Sample:

    My summer vacation could be summarized in the artwork of Ansel Adams in his picture, Birds on Beach, Evening, 1966.

    Birds on Beach, Evening, 1966

    Gelatin silver print, 10 1/2 x 12 1/4

    University of California, Santa Barbara

    The simplicity of the waves and the beautiful sunset in this photograph makes me connect with the time I spent on the coast of Oregon Camping. We stayed at Cape Lookout State Park near Pacific City, Oregon. We watched the birds every morning eating small sea creatures. My son kept collecting already eaten Sand Dollars all over the beach as we watched the tide roll in and out. We played in the cold sand with the warm air all day, with a cloud of fog all along the beach. We hiked and enjoyed nature while seeing the most amazing sights over the four days we spent there.

    This picture encapsulates the tranquility and beauty we experienced. The way the light hits the waves flowing in and out takes me right back to that time and place. With the photograph in black and white it creates an eerie sense of unknowing . The ocean seems to go on endlessly, which is how I felt about my vacation; I never wanted it to end. It was a memorable trip and a place I will never forget.

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