What is Youth Court?

  • What is Youth Court?

            Youth courts are one of the fastest growing programs in the community justice movement.  It gives troubled students a second chance to form some positive life goals for themselves and encourages them to think twice before they act lawlessly in school, with friends or elsewhere.  Youth Court sends a strong message to the community and its youth that young people do not support law-breaking behavior.  We set our court up like a regular court system, with a Judge, Baliff, Defense, Prosecution, Jury Foreperson, and Jury.  Students who are prosecuted may be sentenced to any of the following: Community Service, Letter(s) of Apology, Victim Impact Statement, Counseling, Drug/Alcohol/Anger Management, Restitution, Curfew, Mentor/Tutor Program and/or Essays.  By completing these tasks, the student's record is cleared and the student becomes aware of how serious his or her action is in the real world.