Time Clock Basics

  • Time Clock Basics


    All Employees will be issued a Swipe/ID card by the Technology Department; they can be contacted by clicking the link http://www.crcs.wnyric.org/departments.cfm?subpage=171120

    This ID card will allow you Door Access and entry to our Time Clock System. Please be sure to use the time clock at the start and end of all shifts, and when leaving the building at lunch.

          Time Clock Locations:

       -          Elementary Building

       o   Principal’s Office and Maintenance Office

       -          Middle/High School Building

       o   Principal’s Office and Maintenance Office                           

       -          Bus Garage at Middle/High School


          Using the Time Clock:

       -          Punching In:       Hit F1 and wave your badge.      

       o   Clock message will say “CLOCKED IN

       -          Punching Out:    Hit F4 and wave your badge.

       o   Clock message will say “CLOCKED OUT

       -          Punching Out for Break/Lunch:   Hit F5 and wave your badge.

       -          Punching In from Break/Lunch:   Hit F8 and wave your badge.  

    NOTE: If you have forgotten your badge, you are still able to use the time clock; you will just need your badge number. This number will be five (5) characters, so badge number 7 would be 00007. Follow the steps above, and instead of waving your badge just type in your badge number and following clock instructions.


    *If you receive a message other than the above, please write it down and notify Nicky Linderman at nlinderman@mycrcs.org or DeniseCarapellatti at dcarapellatti@mycrcs.org